O.T.: the triumph of the Spanish

In the Royal Academy of the Spanish language are celebration. Its director, Dario Vaudevillian, said his satisfaction when he saw that Euro vision Song Contest Festival will return the songs interpreted in Castilian. Eurovision is a contest that is re transmitted on television every year since 1956, and in terms of audience, always get large fees. With these premises, it is easy to understand why since the CHAR rejoice both: is a great European and World Showcase and a great opportunity to assert our identity, our culture and our language.

In recent years Spain had chosen for the contest songs in English, probably convinced that a universal language would give us more chances to win. Nothing is further from reality, last year won a song in Portuguese, which in some way expressing the identity of Portugal and reminded us to that country. It seems that this was the turning point and countries like Albania and Finland decided to renounce the English and report this year with songs in their own language.

Since the SAR, they underline depicting the Spanish not only Spain but many other countries and more than 500 million people. Colombia, Panama and Honduras have already expressed their satisfaction to see how Spain returns to enter the contest with a song in Spanish, representing also to some extent to the Hispanic community.